Grand Hirafu lift upgrades

Upgrades have begun on one of Niseko Grand Hirafu's busiest lifts, the King Hooded Triple

We are delighted to announce that Tokyu's new lift upgrades are now underway, commencing with the first stage of upgrades to one of Grand Hirafu’s busiest lifts, the King Hooded Triple.

King Hooded Triple Lift #3 planned upgrades

The lift will be upgraded to a high speed quad, resulting in a 30% increase in capacity to 2,400 people per hour.

The lift starting point will be moved 130m downhill to allow for easy access from other lifts: Guests will no longer need to walk uphill from the Gondola, or from the King Bell Hut!

Ace Family Pair Lift planned upgrades

Expected to begin the following summer, 2017, is a redevelopment of the Ace Family Pair lift, which will be replaced with a new high speed quad or triple lift.

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