Winter in Niseko

The Niseko United mountain consists of four interlinked ski resorts, so there’s plenty of terrain to explore—and when you’re ready for a break from the snow, the area is alive with family activities and cultural events.

Niseko’s snow is known as the best in the world for good reason—it is the lightest, the driest, and the fluffiest snow you will ever experience—and once you’ve built up an appetite after the day’s adventures, there are scores of restaurants, bars, and cafés to choose from, all filled with mouth-watering food and drink.

Skiing in Niseko

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If you’re looking for a guaranteed powder skiing experience, look no further. With an average snowfall of 15 meters per year, most people know Niseko as one of the greatest ski destinations in the world. Whether you are a seasoned powder-hound or an eager beginner on the lookout for wide, open runs, the Niseko United area offers a wide range of terrain and challenges: With over 57 runs covering 47km, there’s a place for everyone.

Night Skiing


Thanks to its unique terrain and extensive floodlight coverage, Niseko also possesses some of the best night skiing and snowboarding in the world. In the moonlight, glide amidst beech trees and sasa bamboo for the most magical skiing experiences you will ever have.

Open until 8:30pm each evening, the Niseko Hirafu area lights up a large portion of the mountain, and can be seen on the horizon for miles.


Snowmobiling is an adrenaline-packed, high-octane alternative to skiing and snowboarding. There are many experienced guides that will make your snowmobiling adventure something to remember as you plough through deep powder, race down gullies, or zoom around some of the numerous panoramic courses and fields the area has to offer.

Dates: Late December to April
Activity duration: 1hr +
Operators: NSA (Niseko Snowmobile Adventure) | Hanazono 308 | Black Diamond Tours | NOASC

Snow Tubing and Snow Rafting

Let the snowmobile tow you and your kids in a rubber raft around a course; or twist, bounce and whizz down a slope in your own inflatable rubber ring!

Dates: Late December to April
Activity duration: 1hr +
Operators: Hanazono 308


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Using backcountry equipment that gives you the ability to hike in normally inaccessible areas, explore scenic and untouched countryside trails amongst snow-topped trees and ice-covered lakes for a humbling and inspiring natural experience.

Dates: Late December to April
Activity duration: 1hr +
Operators: Hanazono 308 | NOASC (Niseko Outdoor Adventure Sports Club) | NAC (Niseko Adventure Center) | Niseko Village | NOC (Niseko Outdoor Center) | Bouken

Culture, Arts & Crafts

There are many establishments both in and around Niseko where you can try anything from traditional pottery and glass-etching to making your own soba noodles or tofu, or, if you’re looking for some home-grown culture and artistic reflection, check out some of the many small, privately-run galleries and activities established by talented Niseko locals.

Onsen (Hot Spring Baths)

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Each with different types of water and minerals, temperature, and ambient surroundings, you have a huge variety of onsen to choose from throughout Niseko and its neighbouring districts, including some which provide family or couple-shared private baths!

There are over 7 onsen within the Hirafu area alone, all within walking distance of the M Lodge and M Hotel, so if you are in need of any recommendations, or would like more information about onsen, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable guest services staff.


In need of a little rehabilitative relaxation after a tough day on the slopes? There are various spa services to pick from, including reflexology, sports and injury therapy, aroma-massage and shiatsu acupressure, that will all ease and soothe any lasting aches and pains. Choose whichever suits you, or ask for the advice of one of the many trained and certified professionals to find out exactly which course best matches your needs.

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